Number Input

Number input lets users enter a numeric value and incrementally increase or decrease the value with a two-segment control.


Number inputs are similar to text inputs, but are used to specify only a numeric value. Number inputs incrementally increase or decrease the value with a two-segment control. Number input reduces input efforts for adjusting small values.

When to Use

  • The user needs to input a numeric value
  • Adjusting small values when increasing or decreasing them requires only a few clicks
  • When users may not know exact values and only want to change the values that are relative to its current state

When Not to Use

  • It is best practice not to use number input if large value changes are expected. For example, when the value sets from 1 to 30, number input is not a great option because it requires many clicks to reach 30.
  • It is also best to avoid number input for continuous variables such as prices, distances, lengths, or human heights. 



Accordion anatomy diagram
  1. Label: Text that informs the user about the content they need to enter in the field.
  2. Numeric value: The value changes when user enters a value into the field or uses the subtract or add controls.
  3. Helper text: Assistive text that can provide additional aid or context to the user. Often used to explain the correct data format.
  4. Field: The container in which a user enters data.
  5. Subtract icon: This icon triggers decremental values.
  6. Add icon: This icon triggers incremental values.
  7. Status icon: Indicates the state of the number input, either error or warning.
  8. Error or Warning text: It replaces the helper text when an error or warning state appears.



  • Always include a label so that users know how to complete the field
  • Keep the label short and concise


Helper text

  • Indicates the input value if it has a maximum or minimum
  • Helper text is optional but if present will be replaced by warning and error messages when needed


Default values

  • Numeric input should always have a default. The default will usually be ‘1’. Sometimes, you will have input value defaulted to ‘0’.
  • For example, when setting the number of adults and dependents in a household, it may set the default number of adults as ‘1’ and the default number of children as ‘0’.



  • A 1 px vertical separator is used between each group of two inputs or icons.
Number input component with a warning state message