AEM Components

Components are the building blocks for authoring content. They are used to present content in scannable, clear, and accessible ways. AEM offers a library of components to use on pages.


All page templates include both baked-in and optional components. Baked-in components appear by default and may not be deleted. Optional components may be dragged-and-dropped if authors want them on the page. These components are described in individual user guides.

Baked-in components

These components are baked into page templates. Only the Hero is editable, and should be authored on every page as the H1 page title. Some Experience Fragments, such as the Header and Footer, appear on page templates by default as well. These are described in the Experience Fragments section.

Optional components

These components are optional. They may be added to page templates as needed by authors. Some components, such as In-Page Alerts and the Popover, are created first as Content Fragments, so they can be authored once and added to multiple pages. These are described in the Content Fragments section.