User Guide

Breadcrumb Component

The Breadcrumb is a secondary navigation pattern that helps a user understand the hierarchy among levels and navigate back through them. It is locked into all templates just below the Header.

Overview of component

Component name: Breadcrumb

Authors who can use: Admin only

Templates/page types that can use component: all, added by default

Required or optional: required

Authoring Fields

Adding the Breadcrumb component to the page

The Breadcrumb will be added to templates by default. It may be edited by admin content authors on rare occasions.

Editing the Breadcrumb component

Breadcrumb authoring dialog, as explained in the steps below.
  1. Navigation Start Level number picker: Changing the start level will change the level where the Breadcrumb starts (ex., showing the homepage, “” as the leftmost page, vs. showing a page that is a farther level down). The default setting is 2.
  2. Show hidden navigation items checkbox: This will display pages that the author has authored to be hidden from any navigation component. Default unchecked.
  3. Hide current page checkbox: This will hide the current page from displaying in the breadcrumb trail. Default unchecked.
  4. Disable shadowing checkbox: This is used for redirecting pages. It will show the original page instead of the target. Default unchecked.


1. There are no specific accessibility notes for the Breadcrumb component.