Audience Types

Business Audience

There are two types of business professionals visiting

  • Professionals who represent businesses based in the Commonwealth
  • Professionals who do business with customers (individuals, businesses, or other entities) in the Commonwealth 

With that said, a business audience is a human audience—people who are in a business frame of mind when they are visiting

Government Audience

Government audiences may be site visitors from:

  • The Federal Government
  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 
  • Other state governments, outside of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

If the content of your page is aimed at government employees, it’s safe to assume they have some understanding of how government works. Therefore, you may not need to over-explain since they probably already have an overview-level understanding of the subject.

Five primary audience types will be visiting

  1. Residents
  2. Businesses
  3. Governments
  4. Non-Profits
  5. Media

A Hybrid Audience

In some instances, it’s possible that you may be addressing a few, related audiences. If you need to create multiple pages to cover the information from different angles, for multiple audiences, that’s a better choice than generalizing the content, or trying to put all the information on one page.

What is a hybrid audience?

A page about restaurant liquor licensing may attract restaurateurs, alcohol sales reps, and lawyers. If this page is written for a mixed audience of concerned parents, restaurateurs, and government officials who process those license applications, that page may not provide the information any of them need without significant searching.