The Footer is required on all pages, it is placed at the bottom of a page and acts as the catch-all section that helps users navigate and provides enterprise-level general and legal information.


The Footer is a required component on all pages. The Footer includes the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania logo, navigational links, official social media accounts and required legal links.



Accordion anatomy diagram
  1. Return to Top Button: Scrolls to the top of the page.
  2. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Logo: Links to the homepage and is a required branding element of the Footer. The logo should not be altered.
  3. Text
  4. Social Share Buttons
  5. Copyright and Legal Information
  6. Link Group Heading: The link group heading is present for all the link groups.
  7. Footer Link: The Default footer links are carefully considered from the main navigation level and should not be changed.


The footer spans the full width of the viewport and is the last element in the browser window. The Footer elements are persistent throughout the online experience. It is fully responsive and changes how elements are displayed based on the browser size.

Large Breakpoint

If the browser is wider than the max breakpoint of 1440px, the footer and all other page content will center and extra margin will appear on either side of the page layout.

Accordion anatomy diagram

Small and X-Small Breakpoints

At the Small and X-Small breakpoints, the link groups stack vertically. 

Accordion anatomy diagram