Content Fragment

The Content Fragment (CF) feature in AEM provides a powerful tool for managing and reusing modular content. Content Fragments serve as containers for concise information about a specific subject, enabling authors to present featured information, related content, or navigational choices in a flexible and structured manner.


Content Fragments may be referenced on multiple pages. If edited, the changes will reflect on all pages.


Name: Content Fragment 

Authors who can use: any

Templates/page types that can use Content Fragment: all

Required or optional: optional 

Authoring Fields

Creating a Content Fragment 

1. On the Navigation page, select Content Fragments

Navigation landing page with Content Fragments as option

2.  Using the lefthand rail, find the desired page path where the Content Fragment should be created. Once on the desired page path, select Create from the top right corner.

Left panel showing folders and all content fragments shown in selected folder. Create button in top right corner

a. From the authoring dialog, select the correct Content Fragment model.

a. Global Alert (Gov's Office/Admins only)

b. Glossary

c. In-Page Alert

d. Location Card - Address

e. Location Card - Text

f. Person

b. In the dialog, author the fields for the Content Fragment.

a. Title

b. Name

c. Description

c. Click create and open to author the Content Fragment. 

Editing the different Content Fragment options

Reference the user guides for each Content Fragment.


Some Content Fragments have associated components. Accessibility details will be captured within the component user guides.