User Guide

Social Media Experience Fragment

Social Media appears on Agency News Article pages below the Hero as an Experience Fragment (XF). It provides the social media channels for the agency. A Social Media XF is created and baked into the template. Edit the Social Media XF for updates to reflect on all press release pages.


Social Media may be optionally added to pages as a regular component as well.


Component name: Social Media XF

Authors who can use component: any

Templates/page types that can use component: baked in to Agency News Article template

Required or optional: required on Agency News Article template

Sample Agency News Article page, with Social Media Experience Fragment baked in.

Editing the Social Media Experience Fragment 

Follow the below steps if the social channels in the Social Media XF referenced on the template needs to be edited. In this example, the DHS Social Media XF will be edited.

1. From the landing Navigation page, select Experience Fragments.

Navigation landing page, featuring Experience Fragments

2.  Find the XF in the sitemap. Click through the site hierarchy to find the location. In the example below, the XF to edit is called “Social Media.” The XF is in the CoPA PWP PAGov Fragments folder, in the English folder, in the DHS folder, under Social Media. Select the checkmark (there will normally be only one option; the other here is test material).

Experience Fragments section of AEM, showing the folder in which DHS' Social Media Experience Fragment is located.

3. From the top menu, select Edit.

4. DHS’ Social Media XF that is baked into all DHS Agency News Article templates will open in edit mode. Click the component so it highlights blue, then select the edit wrench from the toolbar.

Editing screen for DHS' Social Media Experience Fragment. Changes made here will reflect anywhere the Experience Fragment is referenced.

5. Edit as normal. Reference the Social Media user guide for more information.

6. Updates will apply across all DHS Agency News Article templates, both those published and those that will be created in the future.

Other Tips

1. Do not use "Social Media" in the title/name of any other Experience Fragments. Only the Social Media XF as added to the Agency News Article template may have this name.