Search Results

When a resident runs their search query, they are directed to a Search Results page. On this page, they will interact with the Search Results component (including Search Results Cards) to find the answer they are seeking.


Sapient will create Search Results pages, and will configure the Search Results component on the pages. Authors may edit the component once added, and may edit the rest of the page as normal.


Note that the Search Results template is for global searches, across all of PA.gov. It does not include Side Navigation, and is not meant for agency-specific search pages. If an agency needs limited search capabilities (ex. DLI-only search results), they should contact Sapient, and a page will be built using the Agency Content Page template. 


Template name: PA.gov Content Page

Required components in template:

  • Header Experience Fragment
  • Breadcrumb
  • Basic Hero
  • Footer
  • Other components may be optionally added

Authors who can edit: any; page must be created by Sapient

Creating a Search Results Page

Search Results pages will be created by Sapient. CoPA content authors should contact Sapient if a new page is needed.

Editing the Search Results Page

1. Find the page in the sitemap. Click through the site hierarchy to find the location. In the example below, the page to edit is in the CoPA PWP PA.gov site, in the English folder. Click the checkbox to the left of the page title.

Site hierarchy featuring various pages

2. Upon click, a menu appears at the top of the screen. Select “Edit.”

3. The page opens in the editing mode, and components can be added accordingly