PA.gov Homepage

The Homepage serves as Pennsylvania's digital front door, drawing in a majority of the website's traffic.


Template name: PA.gov Homepage

Required components in template:

  • Header Experience Fragment
  • Breadcrumb
  • Homepage Hero
  • Footer
  • Other components may be optionally added

Authors who can edit: Admin Only

Creating a PA.gov Homepage

While it is possible to create a PA.gov Homepage, authors should not do so. There is only one homepage for the site, with the URL “PA.gov.” Other pages should use different templates.

Editing the PA.gov Homepage

1. Find the page in the sitemap. Click through the site hierarchy to find the location. Click the checkbox to the left of the page title. (The example below shows a Content page to be edited; instructions are the same regardless of page type.)

2. Upon click, a menu appears at the top of the screen. Select “Edit.”

3. The page opens in the editing mode, and components can be added accordingly

Site hierarchy featuring various pages