Hyperlink user guide

Hyperlinks are used to add links to the text, to link users to another page.


Hyperlinks can be applied through the Text component.

Authoring Fields

Adding hyperlinks to the page

1. Open the Text component.

2. Highlight the text that requires a link.

3. Click the link icon from the authoring dialog.

4. Path field: Add the link which users will be directed to.

a.       Internal link: Click the folder icon to select a page within the AEM environment.

b.       External link: Copy/paste the link into the path field.

5. Alternative text field: Add alt text for the link.

6. Target dropdown: Set the target attribute for hyperlinks (ex. anchor tags).

7. Click the checkmark button to save, or the X icon to cancel.

8. Hyperlinked text will be blue and underlined.

Hyperlink authoring fields, as described above.


1. When adding a hyperlink to the page, make sure to add an alternative text label that describes the information or function represented by the link. This will be read out by a screen reader for users who cannot view the image.