Quote user guide

A quote emphasizes a portion of text from the page, usually a quotation from a person or outside source. Use a quote to further emphasize a portion of text after a passage, so it displays right under the paragraph with the quote.


Quotes can be applied through the Text component.

Authoring Fields

Adding quotes to the page

1. Author as normal in the Text component, including the quote text.

2. Click the edit toolbar.

3. Delete the open quotation mark, as a larger one will be added with the quote styling. Leave the close quotation mark as is, if desired.

4. Highlight the quote text.

5. Select the paragraph icon, then select “Quote” from the dropdown.

6. The quote text is now indented. All other text is unaffected.

7. If quote needs attribution to a source, add an em dash and the source’s name. If attribution is not needed, leave as is.

8. Click “Done.”

9. The quote text now displays in the quote font style, with a left border and open quotations icon at the top.

Quote text displaying on the page.

2. Display Separator line checkbox: When checked, the Separator appears visually as a gray line across the page, designating space between the components above and below. When unchecked, there is still padding between the components, but there is no visual line. Default checked.


1. There are no specific accessibility notes for quotes.

Other tips

1. It is advised to keep quote text brief, and to use quotes sparingly for maximum impact.

2. Do not stack quotes on top of each other.