User Guide

Email Subscription: Publishing Pages

Through the Email Subscription component, residents sign up for agency email listservs. When assets or pages associated with the listserv are published, residents receive an email with a link to the update.


This user guide explains how to publish pages so an email is triggered. Follow the links below to guides on publishing assets, and on adding the Email Subscription component to a page.

Publishing pages that trigger emails

Note: Authors do not need to integrate the listserv to the correct page folder in AEM; Publicis Sapient will set it up beforehand. Please contact Sapient if any changes should be made.


  1. Log in to AEM.
  2. Once logged in, you will land on the Navigation page. Select Pages.
  3. From the Pages navigation page, select PAGov, then English, then Agencies, then the subfolder tied to the email listserv.
  4. Either create a new page, or open an existing page, under the subfolder.
  5. Add content to the Hero component. This content will be included in the email body.
  6. Add a Text component, then add content. This content will be included in the email body.
  7. Note that other components, including any additional Text components, will not be included in the email body.
  8. Publish the page.
  9. Once published, an email will send to all subscribers.