User Guide

Media Contacts Component + Person Content Fragment

Media Contacts appear on Agency News Article pages below the main content. They provide the press contacts for the agency. Each contact is created as a Person Content Fragment (CF), then grouped as the agency’s Media Contacts in an Experience Fragment (XF). The XF is then added to the template. CoPA content authors need only create new Person CFs and edit the Media Contacts XF for updates to reflect on all press release pages.


Component name: Media Contacts

Authors who can use component: any

Templates/page types that can use component: Agency News Article template

Required or optional: required on Agency News Article template

Authoring Fields

Creating a Person Content Fragment 

1.       From the landing Navigation page, click on Content Fragments.

Navigation page featuring content fragments

2. On the left hand panel, select your agency folder, where the CF is needed. It can be used by any pages in this folder. Once selected, click “Create” in the upper righthand corner. In this example, the CF is in the DHS folder.

Agency folders where Contact Fragment is needed

3. New Content Fragment

a. Location pathfinder: This field shows the URL of the folder selected in Step 2. It does not need to be edited.

b. Content Fragment Model dropdown: Select “Person.”

c. Properties fields

  i. Title: Optionally provide a title for your Person CF. Adding a title automatically creates a name as well.

  ii. Name: Provide a name for your CF. Only mandatory field in Properties.

  iii. Description: Optionally provide a description for your CF.

Property fields of new content fragment

4. Click “Create and open” to add detail to the Person CF immediately. Click “Create” to create the Person and exit the authoring dialog- it can always be edited later.

Editing the Person Content Fragment

1. Person Type dropdown: For Media Contacts, select Media.

2. Agency dropdown: Select your agency.

3. Name field: Add the person’s name.

4. Title field: Optionally add the person’s title.

5. Department Name field: Optionally add the person’s department name.

6. Email field: Optionally add the person’s email.

7.  Phone Number field: optionally add the person’s phone number.

8.  Click “Publish” button and “Publish Now” in the top right corner. This makes the CF available for use on pages.

Person content fragment in its editing state with fields to edit

Adding the Person CF to your agency's Media Contacts XF

1.  From the landing Navigation page, click on Experience Fragments.

Navigation landing page

2. Click through until you find your agency’s folder and the XF you wish to edit. In this example, the CF was made in the DHS folder. The XF is found in CoPA PWP PAGov Fragments > English > DHS > Media Contacts.

3. Click the checkmark next to Media Contacts, then click Edit.

agency folders where person cf is needed

4.  The XF opens in edit mode. If it is already in use on the DHS Agency News Article template, it shows the Person CFs that currently display.

Person XF open in edit mode

5. With the edit wrench, open the component.

6. Media Contacts authoring dialog

Media Contacts authoring dialog

a.  Title field: Enter text to display above the Media Contacts on the Agency News Article template.

b. Person Content Fragments pathfinder field: Enter the path to the Person CF that was created. Click the checkmark and Select button.

7. Click Done in the dialog. The new Person CF now displays on the Media Contacts XF. It saves automatically.

8. The DHS Agency News Article template – both new ones that are created, and published old ones – will show the updated Media Contacts XF.

Updated Media Contacts XF on the Agency News Article template
Sample DHS Media Contact.


1. There are no specific accessibility notes for the Person CF or Media Contacts XF/component.


Other Tips

1. There is no limit to the number of contacts added in one Media Contacts component.

2. Each agency is advised to use their own Media Contacts component, so as not to reference each other's.

3. Contacts can be removed from the Media Contacts XF. In the XF edit mode, open the authoring dialog. Select the trash icon next to the Person CF who should be removed. Changes will reflect across all of your agency’s Agency News Article templates.